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Plaintiff filed a lawsuit in Alameda County alleging that he had contracted mesothelioma, a cancer which has been linked to asbestos exposure. He sued a number of defendants, including a public entity represented by Low, Ball & Lynch, alleging that the defendants caused him to be exposed to asbestos at various times. Guy Stilson, a Low, Ball & Lynch partner, filed a motion for summary judgment. Rather than oppose the motion, plaintiff dismissed the public entity defendant.

Plaintiff alleged that our client exposed him to toxic substances that led to his development of colon cancer.

After analyzing plaintiff’s expert’s report, the medical references cited therein, additional medical references on the subject which plaintiff’s expert had not considered, and taking the expert’s deposition, the defense moved in limine for an order precluding plaintiff’s expert from testifying at trial unless he first testified at a pre-trial hearing and demonstrated to the court’s satisfaction that (a) he was a sufficiently qualified expert to opine on the etiology of colon cancer; and (b) his opinion had a sufficiently sound scientific foundation to be admitted at trial.

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Plaintiff alleged that our client exposed him to toxic substances in the 1960’s that led to his recent development of multiple myeloma, a blood cancer which develops in bone marrow and is usually fatal. Plaintiff was granted a preferential trial date based on his multiple myeloma diagnosis and the court’s finding that the multiple myeloma would likely prevent the plaintiff from participating in the trial unless preference was granted. Read more

In a wrongful death mesothelioma case in Oakland, Low Ball & Lynch attorneys  Tom LoSavio and Vernice Louie represented an investor-owned public utility which delivers drinking water in the San Jose area.  They tried the case before a jury with Judge Brad Seligman presiding. The plaintiff’s theory was that the defendant knew the dangers of cutting asbestos cement pipe before those dangers were known to decedent’s employer, an independent contractor hired by defendant to install the pipe. Plaintiff’s counsel sought $3.5 million in damages for the decedent’s family. The jury agreed that our client and its pipe installation contractor (and a co-defendant) learned of the hazard at the same time, so there was no liability for our client.  The jury deliberated for approximately 5 hours after a 5 week trial.

Low, Ball & Lynch shareholders Guy Stilson and Christine Reed have won a complete reversal of a trial court order denying a motion to compel arbitration. In Valdez v. Santa Lucia Preserve Co., the plaintiffs were hourly laborers who filed a wage-and-hour claim against their employer. They filed the action as a purported class action and included Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”) claims. Read more


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