Toxic Tort and Asbestos


The Environmental Team at Low, Ball & Lynch handles asbestos, silica, mold, toxic substances, and groundwater contamination cases. Team leader Sonja Blomquist has tried cases to verdict and settled many others during trial. She is a strong proponent of a united defense front among co-defendants, and she participates in meetings and conferences with judges to further that goal. The Environmental Team handles hundreds of asbestos and silica cases for about thirty asbestos clients and two silica defendants. In mold litigation, Ms. Blomquist defends property owners, and works with industrial hygienists, mold remediation contractors, allergists, and epidemiologists. In one mold case involving hundreds of tenants, Ms. Blomquist worked with the owners to quell the storm of tenant unrest and successfully avoided escalation. Ms. Blomquist’s experts developed a protocol to clean tenant belongings on site, engendering favorable publicity as well as reasonable settlement figures.

Clients sued in the asbestos litigation benefit from experienced representation. Ms. Blomquist has been part of the inner circle of asbestos defense attorneys for almost twenty years and has earned the respect of plaintiff attorneys as well as the defense bar. Low, Ball & Lynch’s asbestos clients benefit from the experience of the Environmental Team and our commitment to excellence in representation and client communication. Our team customizes reporting requirements and offers a variety of levels of reporting detail.

Environmental Team leader Sonja Blomquist has 30 years of experience in environmental law. Tom Losavio recently earned a defense verdict in a living mesothelioma case. Guy Stilson has tried asbestos cases and achieved a defense verdict.  The Team’s associates and paralegals work with the partners to maximize efficiency and further the strong defense we offer our environmental clients.

Listen to Tami Rockholt, R.N., B.S.N. guide you through an analysis of the reasonable value of medical treatment. Video from LBL’s 2017 Sacramento Seminar/Webinar.



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