Housing & Landlord Liability

Low, Ball & Lynch’s Housing/Landlord Liability Practice Group represents both private and public clients in housing lawsuits. The Housing/Landlord Liability practice group has represented numerous private landlords and public housing agencies in lawsuits brought by tenants alleging issues ranging from violations of local rent ordinances to claims of substandard housing. The practice group regularly handles matters involving the San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley Rent Ordinances.

We frequently defend housing claims based on the breach of the implied warranty of habitability; claims based on non-compliance with local, state or federal housing standards; and claims for injury and damages related to mold, pests and asbestos. The Housing/Landlord Liability group has tried numerous cases in this area, from assertions of technical violations of eviction control ordinances to class actions based on long-term substandard conditions. Low, Ball & Lynch also represents commercial landowners in contract disputes and tort litigation with commercial tenants.

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  • Private & commercial landlords
  • Public housing agencies
  • Local rent ordinances
  • Contract disputes
  • Claims of substandard housing